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What I do


As a freelance communications consultant I can offer the following skills:

  • Strategic change and internal communications

    Can provide specialist change and internal communications advice for significant change programmes in large and complex organisations.

  • Writing

    Twenty-year career as a journalist/writer/communications consultant. Able to understand complex issues and adapt them for different audiences.

  • Interviewing

    Can obtain information from a wide range of people at a variety of levels.

  • Project management

    Co-ordinating and delivering on time for a wide range of projects. Including introducing webcasting at Telecom for both internal and external audiences.

  • Government knowledge

    Experience as Labour press secretary and within a number of government departments, supported by a BA in politics.

  • Online expertise

    Worked on intranet and internet sites and developed my own website vdk.co.nz

  • Relationship building

    Excellent networking and contact building skills from a career in communications.